Love me do is the biggest wedding show in Finland!


Love me do is the first of the new wave of B2C wedding fairs in Finland, for wedding couples and for all those who love. An exhibition concept never been seen before here, the event is memorable and compelling. Visitors are engaged and entertained, and they will spend time with us, and not just give the exhibitors a once-through glimpse. The reason is simple; Love me do says a steep NO to everything boring, our visitors won't walk around aimlessly brochures in hand. After the experience of our LMD events, it can be said that the atmosphere in Love me do is unique, genuine, warm and at it's peak throughout the day.

At the Kaapelitehdas (Old cable factory) venue, we have close to 200 exhibitors and services represented in each show. Over 10 000 visitors, wedding planning couples and their entourage, visit Love me do yearly during our two shows. Love me do has also been shortlisted as a finalist in a Finnish competition for event professionals Evento Awards.

photo: Amanda Lehtola
photo: Amanda Lehtola

Love me do showcases the latest wedding fashion from around the world!

In each show we're filling the catwalk with the latest wedding fashion as we're showing the latest collections from some of the greatest global wedding dress labels. We're also concentrating on Finnish wedding fashion, by showcasing those dresses in separate catwalk shows. So rest assured, wedding fashion doesn't get better than this!

Join us!

The upcoming wedding shows of the season are next up;  Autumn Fair 30.9.2023 & Winter Fair 20.-21.1.2024 - Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki.

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Ohh the fun we're gonna have
Love me do Crew

Suomen suurimmilla häämessuilla riittää nähtävää, koettavaa ja hääinspiraatiota jokaiseen makuun. Messuovet avataan lauantaina 30.9.2023 klo 10:00 ja suljetaan jälleen häähuumakimalteiden laskeuduttua klo 18:00.
Voit lukea vinkkimme täysipainoiseen häämessukokemukseen täältä.

Tervetuloa jälleen Suomen suurimmille häämessuille! Helsingin Kaapelitehtaalla on luvassa mahtava kattaus hää- ja juhla-alan yrityksiä ja edustuksia sekä huikeaa häähuumaa Love me do:n tyyliin!

Nauti häämessuista kaikilla aisteilla ja ota haltuun muutama messuvinkki mahdollisimman hyvän häämessukokemuksen saavuttamiseksi!