Exhibitor info


This info is for Love me do Winter Fair the weekend of 18.-19.1.2020 opening hours on Saturday 10-17 and Sunday 10-16

Before the event

Please fill out the exhibitor information form as soon as possible.
You can find the terms & conditions attached to the confirmation email.

You can freely sell any products and services fitting in the genre in the event during opening hours!So pack up your whole boutique and bring your products to be bought by excited wedding fair visitors. This is excluding any whole sale companies, for example bridal labels, no direct sales to B2C customers is allowed by B2B companies.

If any food is sold or offered for tasting the exhibitor has to make a notice of it to the correct authorities and bring a copy of it to the event. More information can be found on Helsinki city's site.

Your space

The rent price includes an exhibitor space at Merikaapelihalli, size as agreed and placement agreed together with the exhibitor, electricity and wifi, BUT NO CARPETING, FURNITURE, HEADBOARDS or DIVIDER WALLS (excluding international exhibitors). Please read this info carefully. You can find more information on furnishings later on.


Sharing the exhibitor space with another company

An exhibitor space can be shared with another company when requested, with a separate permission from the organizer. All companies sharing are then treated as their own clients, they will have all the same benefits, rights and marketing as any other single exhibitor. The organizer's written permission to do this is always needed. Spaces under 6m2 can not be shared. An extra cost of 70€ (+ vat) will be charged for each added, sharing company. Marketing another company in any shape or form (flyers etc) without the organizer's consent is prohibited.

A good exhibitor space

Make your space as open as possible, for the visitors to be able to step inside your space to talk, instead of standing on the busy corridor. For a quality contact and conversation with potential customers, it's always better to have them in your space, rather than on the corridor being pushed around. Set your furnitures and props in a way customers can step in. Use larger items in the back of the space, for example don't set up tables on the front near the corridor, between you and the visitors. Use all of your alloted space both depth and width wise and create a calm space for you and the possible customer to have convesations.

Please note that it is prohibited to put carpet or furniture on the border tapes, as they are removed when the spaces are ready.


Your company name and link will be added to our exhibitor list on lovemedo.fi.
An article about your company will be published on our site, with material provided by the company due deadlines mentioned below. Material should consist of 3-5 good pictures and text of minimum of 1200 characters (not words but characters). You may check the lenght of your text here for example. Material guidelines for pictures: width 900 x400 px landscape (we recommend this!) or 450-600 px vertical (even amout of pictures needed), file format jpg or gif.
We can not publish an article which does not comply with the material instructions or is delivered after the deadline.

All materials should be emailed to hello@lovemedo.fi with a headline: Article material: company name
By 15.12.2019 for Winter Fair 2020

Social Media

We will post about the upcoming fair on social media according to needs and resources. Due to the huge amount of exhibitors we have to select our topics according to how the post will serve the visitors. Interesting raffles, tastings, product launchs and other generally joyous tidbits will be posted on social media when ever we have room for them with our own event publications. We highly recommed you take advantage of our facebook events created for each fair, all exhibitors can post their own event news - offers, raffles, all fun stuff - there freely.

Possible hastags used on instagram: @lovemedofi #lovemedofi #lovemedo2020 and also #häämessut #suomensuurimmathäämessut #häätapahtuma  #häämessut2020 #häät2019 #häät2020 #häät2021

Enrolling on the fair programs

Best Table Setting competition

There will be example inspirational tables settings on display at the event. The exhibitors can take part with their products or skills and design a table setting by themselves or with another exhibitor. Wedding fair visitors will vote their favourites and the results will be announced after the event. Competitors will have to enroll for this before hand and the participants will be chosen in order of enrollment. A table price of 20€ + vat will be charged. It is prohibited to advertise any other companies on the table (companies not exhibiting at the fair).

Size of the table is 180 x 80 cm, a tablecloth or other cover is needed. Please enroll for this competition by checking the box on the exhibitor information form or by the form below

photo: Amanda Lehtola
photo: Amanda Lehtola

Virtual Goodie Bag

The goodie bag for this event will be virtual and displayed on our site lovemedo.fi. It will open on event day and will stay open according to the contents, approx. 2 months. Fair visitors will receive a password at the event to be able to access the virtual goodie bag. Exhibitors can announce promotional codes, special offers, competitions (to gather contact information for example) and raffles.

Love me do was the first trade fair in Finland to launch the goodie bad virtually in 2015, and it has been a huge success. Materials should include one cover picture (size 400x300 px).

Materials for the virtual goodie bag should be provided

by 29.12.2019 for Winter Fair 2020

Catwalk shows

Please email our catwalk producer Heidi Sjöberg heidi@lovemedo.fi to discuss taking part in the fashions shows.

photo: Arto Jaatinen
photo: Arto Jaatinen

Competitions and raffles

At the event and on social media

Companies may sponsor prizes (products or service gift cards) for competitions and raffles organized by Love me do. They will get more exposure as they are marketed along side the competition or raffle, during the event, on social media (instagram & facebook) before and after the event, and possibly in articles online at lovemedo.fi.

You may also inquire the possibility to become a sponsor for our Love me do Bride and showcase your products and servces as a part of a real wedding featured on LMD platforms.

Ordering furnishings and carpet

All furnishings and carpet should be ordered by email hello@lovemedo.fi with a headline: Furniture order: company name or by the exhibitor information form. Please note that after the deadlines mentioned below a 50% additional fee will be charged in all furniture orders due to time restraints.

Furniture & carpet order deadlines:
by 29.12.2019 for Winter Fair 2020

International exhibitors make an exception, their spaces have basic stand build (including building and deconstruction of said basic standbuild). Please contact hello@lovemedo.fi if you wish to discuss your requirements.


Prices include installing and deconstruction with said elements, as ready made. Vat 24% will be added to all prices.

All divider walls and frames will be delivered 220cm high, unless otherwise asked prior to deadline. Depending on the location of the space, walls and frames can be ordered also 250cm high.

Divider wall à 1m  35€
Separate feet for divider walls 5€/each (these are needed to keep stand alone walls standing, for example back walls)
Head board 10€/m
Letters for head board 3,50€/each
Spotlight 50 wat (including railing) 35€/each
Low vitrine 99€/each
Tall vitrine129€/each
Graphite/anthracit/dark grey fair carpet 7,50€/m2
Changing booths are available in different sizes, please inquire for a price.

An aluminum frame is a great way to outline your space, hang lighting, promotional material or decorations. Here are some example prices for framing for different size spaces.
4m2 32€
6m2 40€
7,5m2 44€
9m2 48€
15m2 64€

It is also possible to frame your space with truss (gantry), please inquire for a price.

PLEASE NOTE! If you're planning on using divider walls, so that another company is on the other side of the wall, please contact your neighbours before the fair so that they can prepare for the wall. If you wish to know who your neighbours are, you can always contact us at myynti@lovemedo.fi - THANK YOU!

Additional furnishing

All spaces are equipped with an electrical soccet. We recommend you bring your own extension cords.

Merikaapelihalli is lit by general fluorescent lamp lighting, which is situated at 14m high in the main hall and lower under the side areas (normal room hight). The general lighting is quite poorly, so we recommend extra lighting, in the form of spot lights or floor lamps.

Solid/wired internet connection

Please inquire for a price (basic costs 60-100€ + vat depending on the location)

On the location

Building day

Each exhibitor is responsible for their own building and deconstruction, decoration and cleaning after them. Please note that coming to build before the allocated time is not allowed.

Scheduled building times

Friday 17.1.2020 at 16-20 and on event day morning on Saturday at 8-9 for Winter Fair 2020

3 exhibitor badges (pins) are given to each company. These badges should be visible at all times, also during building and deconstruction, on your personnels clothing. You will receive the badges upon arrival to build or on Saturday morning from the LMD crew office next to the loading dock.

Use of the docking bay

During building the fair hall Merikaapelihalli is accessible through doors M1 (sea side), M3 and M4 (Kaapelitehdas courtyard). The loading dock is situated on the other side of the building at Tammasaarenkatu 1. It is not allowed to drive cars inside the hall, possible off-loading will happen on the loading dock ramp. Exhibitors may use the loading dock for off-loading with a first come first serve principle, however it is important that the loading dock is kept as empty as possible (no parking cars there). We highly recommend off-loading and packing without driving the car on the ramp, it saves everyone's time!

Exhibitors can drive in the fair hall (Merikaapelihalli) during the build up on Friday morning on special permission only. This needs to be agreed with the organizer in advance, so that it doesn't interrupt any off-loading or already built structures.


Kaapelitehdas has its own little parking space and there's also some roadside parking available (see Kaapelitehdas site), but we recommend using the department store parking building close by. During building and deconstruction you can leave your car close to the exits (M1 and M4 open), but the area is notorious for parking tickets and that should be considered. Love me do, unfortunately, can't offer exhibitors any parking and is not liable for possible parking tickets.


The organizer has a few larger trash bins on site, but since we can use the facility's bigger trash containers in a very limited manner, each exhibitor should take any larger trash amounts with them, includind any trash coming from build up, deconstruction and cleaning after the event is over.

The old cable factory - materias and solid structures

Please make sure you are not leaving any permanent marks on walls or structures of the cable factory when decorating or hanging your own structures, same goes for the rented furniture and structures. We kindly but firmly remind you, that the black curtains of the cable hall are to be kept OPEN at all times. Closing of the curtains is prohibited on the window spaces as well as between the columns, because the space should be kept as well lit as possible during daylight hours, also the airconditioning will work better with the curtains open.

The principles of a well thought, functioning exhibitor space

Make your space as open as possible, for the visitors to be able to step inside your space to talk, instead of standing on the busy corridor. For a quality contact and conversation with potential customers, it's always better to have them in your space, rather than on the corridor being pushed around. Set your furnitures and props in a way customers can step in. Use larger items in the back of the space, for example don't set up tables on the front near the corridor, between you and the visitors. Use all of your alloted space both depth and width wise and create a calm space for you and the possible customer to have convesations.

Please note that it is prohibited to put carpet or furniture on the border tapes, as they are removed when the spaces are ready.

photo: Arto Jaatinen
photo: Arto Jaatinen

During the event

Opening venue doors for exhibitors
Saturday 18.01.2020 at 08:00 and Sunday 19.1.2020 at 09:00 for Winter Fair 2020

Coffee will be served for exhibitors in the downstairs exhibitor lounge in the Kaapelitehdas basement, entrance through C stairway, in the middle of the fair hall, under the overhang with windows.

Repository space for any exhibitor property during event: Kaapelitehdas has a very limited amount of room for any extra stuff that needs to be stored somewhere during the event. For this reason, all pallets and transportation containers must be taken away or camouflaged as part of the exhibition during the show. Exhibitors may leave their coats and personal belongings to the exhibitor break room downstairs, but please note that the room is small and unguarded. Unfortunately, we can not store exhibitor coats at the general cloak room for visitors.


There will be a number of security officers at the event required by authorities. The organizer has a general liability insurance for the duration of the event, but it does not cover any damages to exhibitor property unrelated to the organizer's actions. Each exhibitor is responsible for insuring their own property as they see fit. During a two day event (in January) an electronic alarm system will be set on during the night between event days. Exhibitors can leave their products on their stands during the night at their own risk.


directly after the event is closed for visitors

for Winter Fair 16:00-18:00

Attention! Please note that it is not allowed to start deconstruction before the fair is closed for visitors at. Breaking this rule will result in a 500€ fine from the organizer.

In case some of exhibitors have pallets or bigger items delivered by a transportation company, and they can be retrieved no sooner than Monday, please confirm this with the organizer in advance. No exhibitor property is allowed to be left at the site after deconstruction on Saturday, excluding pre-agreed pick ups that are scheduled on Monday (by a transportation company). The organizer is not responsible for any property left on site to wait for pick up.

Most important matter

This is a fun event. We encourage all of you to step out of your studios and workrooms, showcase your amazing products and expertise and have a good time doing it. Love me do is about meeting new people, having fun with old friends, showing your stuff to new excited customers. Selling while having fun. Networking and planting seeds for great new collaborations.
Being part of the great big celebration industry family.
Ohh the fun we're gonna have!

We all of you,
Love me do Crew

Use the banners! (Coming soon!)

Here are promotional banners for exhibitors to use on social media. Exhibitors may use these banners freely to promote their participation to Love me do wedding fair. Please select the correct size picture for each forum, so that the quality of the picture doesn't suffer.

Here are some social media hastags you may wish to use: @lovemedofi #lovemedofi #lovemedo2020 sekä #häämessut #suomensuurimmathäämessut #häätapahtuma #häämessut2019 #häämessut2020 #häät2020 #häät2021 #vuodenhääpukusuunnittelija

Please note, the "this image is for" -texts on top of the images are nort attached to the images themselves!

Somrthing in your mind?

Send us a message Please note that during the fair week we are very busy and there are some delays to responses.

Järjestyksessään kymmenennet Love me do -häämessut tarjoavat kävijöilleen häähuumaa ja elämyksiä kaikille aisteille! Lämpimästi tervetuloa nauttimaan kanssamme iloisesta Autumn Fair 2019 -häämessupäivästä

Täältä löydät Love me do Autumn Fair -häämessujen näytteilleasettajalistan. Tutustu rauhassa ja ihastu Suomen laajimpaan hääyrityskattaukseen, joka on tarjolla 5.10.2019 Helsingin Kaapelitehtaalla. Ohh the fun we're gonna have!

Nauti häämessuista kaikilla aisteilla ja ota haltuun muutama messuvinkki mahdollisimman hyvän häämessukokemuksen saavuttamiseksi!