Terms and conditions for attendance in the Love me do Autumn & Winter Fair.

photo: Alejandro Lorenzo
photo: Alejandro Lorenzo

1. Implementation

Organizer: Love me do Oy /Love me do -häätapahtuma
Contact person: Nonna Sjöberg p. +358 45 858 8222, hello@lovemedo.fi

2. Exhibitors and products & sharing the exhibitor space

The organizer has the right to approve and disapprove the products on display, and they may forbid inappropriate products or services from being exhibited. The exhibitors may market or show any third party products or services only with a written permission from the organizer. In which case an added fee of 70€ + vat will be charged from the main exhibitor renting the space. The exhibitors may not distribute any third party brochures or flyers without the organizer's written consent. The exhibit space cannot be rented on to a third party. Exhibitor spaces sized less than 6m2, cannot be shared by two or more companies.

3. Placing, furniture and appearance of the exhibit space

The exhibitor spaces DO NOT include divider walls, headboards, carpeting or furniture.
The places of the exhibitor spaces have been marked on the floor, in a layout of the space and numbered. The organizer has the right to inspect the built exhibit spaces and order any necessary alterations. The organizer decides the final placement and sizes of exhibit spaces, all known preferences are taken into account. Any exhibitor furnishments or products may not reach over their alloted space (or over the border taping). Carpeting the exhibitor spaces is mandatory. Carpeting can be done by the exhibitors themselves or ordered ready-made through us. You can read more about building and furnishing from the exhibitor info.
International exhibitors can book their spaces with basic stand build.

4. Booking, payment and cancelling

A booking is binding after the organizer confirms the space booked for the booking company.
Cancellation policy and expences:
If you wish to cancel your participation no more than 2 months prior to the event, the 50% booking fee is invoiced as a cancellation fee.
If you wish to cancel less than 2 months prior to the event 100% of the space price will be billed.
Please note that if you have booked both season's fairs as a combo booking (Autumn Fair & Winter Fair) and after the Autumn Fair cancel your participation to the Winter Fair we will invoice you the difference between normal and combo price for the Autumn Fair and also the normal cancellation fee for the Winter Fair.


A booking fee for the space (50% of the price of the space) will be sent by email after the written confirmation from the organizer by email. The rest 50% of the space price and possible extra orders will be invoiced later, the full price for the space has to be paid prior to the event.
The right to use the exhibit space is reserved back to the organizer if the rent is not paid on time or the space is not occupied by 08:30 am on the event morning.

5. Building, decoration and deconstruction

The exhibitor is responsible for the building, decorating and deconstructing of their exhibit space. Using other than the specific marked space intended for each vendor is prohibited unless agreed otherwise with the organizer.
Please note that the building time is solid and companies may not come to build their exhibitor spaces prior to said time. You can read more about building and deconstruction schedules from the exhibitor info.

Note that all exhibitors must take all their waste with them, including any trash due to building and deconstruction, as we have limited use of the waste system on site. The trash needs to be transported away from the venue and can NOT be left behind on venue grounds, even outside. All exhibitor things must be out of Merikaapelihalli inside the deconstruction time, otherwise, the organizer will have to have them removed at the cost of the exhibitor. The exhibitors MAY NOT start deconstructing their spaces while the fair is ongoing and there are customers inside. Breaking this rule will result in a fine of 500€ to be paid to the organizer.

6. Sharing information

The contact person of each exhibitor company is responsible for distributing all necessary information to each member of staff participating in the fair. This includes all the info on building and deconstructing times, waste management directions etc, as well as all the key information from the love letters sent by the organizer. All info can be found on our site www.lovemedo.fi and will be sent to the email notified to us in the exhibitor info form.

7. Damages, insurances and security

When the event is over, the exhibitor spaces have to be left in the same condition as they were when assigned to the exhibitors. The exhibitor is responsible for any damage done to the exhibitor space or to the organizer, including repair costs. The exhibitor is also responsible for any damage done to any third party, person or objects, in their assigned exhibit space. The organizer is responsible for general security, excluding damage done to items or structures by a third party, or missing items. The exhibitor is responsible for taking any needed insurances that they see fit, to cover their property.

There will be a sufficient amount of security personnel at the event during opening hours, a number required by the authorities. The organizer has insured the event but it does not cover any damage to any exhibitor property occurred for reasons unaffiliated to actions done by the organizer. Each exhibitor is responsible for insuring their own property.
An electronic alarm system will be set on during the night between event days in January. Exhibitors can leave their products on their stands during the night at their own risk.

8. Sale permissions and backstage passes

The exhibitors may sell their products and services freely at the fair during opening hours. If any food is sold or offered for tasting the exhibitor has to make a notice of it to the correct authorities and bring a copy of it to the event. More information at https://www.hel.fi/www/Helsinki/fi/asuminen-ja-ymparisto/elintarvikevalvonta-ja-ymparistoterveys/huoneistot/ilmoitukset/
Every exhibitor gets 3 backstage passes/pins. The exhibitors' representatives can stay at the event site during building and deconstruction as well as during the event itself if the tag given by the organizer is visible.

9. Force majeure and disputes

The organizer withholds the right to cancel the event or move the date of the event in case of an invincible obstacle. These terms and conditions are the basis for handling any disputes.

10. Following guidelines and instructions & other conditions

By booking a space at the event the exhibitor pledges to follow these terms and conditions, along with all the additional guidelines and instructions presented by the representatives of the organizer, Kaapelitehdas, organizer recognized event builders or official authorities. VAT 24% will be added to any prices. Delay interest is 8%.

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